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Mar 21, 10:00 AM CDT
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LTC Online Course, Range Proficiency

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RCT-5, H-9 hours we crossed into Iraq before the war even started. No arty, no air just RCT-5 and black smoke from the oil gossips.

This page is dedicated to the Geronimo Marines of 1/5, OIF 2003 Initial Push to Baghdad. Gone but Never Forgotten. Today I am here because of you all. Thank you for new life. Semper Fi! Chico


Hours of Operation

1000am to 9pm at night, Open 6 days a week

Monday thru Saturday (Sunday upon request)

Range Proficiencies are held weekly after 6pm, payment is due prior to your appointment.

.We look forward to working with everyone.

Prices vary for individual and group training, contact us to find out more.

Please be aware, if you purchased the online training through USCCA you paid for the actual course and the range qual altogether. All you will need to do is schedule your range time and date.

Email your LTC101 form to prior to YOUR course date so i may fill it out digitally

Please be aware, if you are here to learn more about becoming a Texas LTC Instructor. Before you are able to teach in Texas, before you even think of a company name ,you must attend the 3 day LTC Instructor Course that is hosted by TXDPS in Austin.