Apply for LTC TEXAS


Fill out New Candidate Survey FIRST, then start at Step 1....

Steps 1 and 2 maybe done before or after your course

Step 1

16 Digit Front of TX License
10 years of work and living

Step 2

LTC Code#119Q91

Step 3 needs to be done ASAP, after your course. There is a $15 dollar admin fee to reprint your paperwork if lost.

Step 3


Click on image if you are unsure on how to turn in

For those who need it

Answers to all your questions

You want to speak with handgun licensing, option 2. Have your DL and last four ready.

Find your event which is listed by its actual

course date, register and pay please. By reg and prepaying it gives me a tentative headcount on a total number of individuals attending. If you were to forget an not do any  of the steps, what is most important is providing to us your full name, DL#, Birthday and Course. 

Information is required in order to complete your LTC100 Form, exactly what is on your DL needs to be entered here.
If you have no middle name no worries. However, if you do please provide it

All Payments are due 48 hours prior to the course.

If you are a new shooter, it is your responsibilty to be able to pass the range proficency without assistance

All information related to the Texas LTC Course maybe found under the Course Hub button or on the homepage.


LTC is just a class on laws

What are you doing to sustain?