1. Firearm

  2. 50 count of ammo (100 rounds preferred) 

  3. Ear Protection

  4. Eye Protection

  5. 2 mags for your firearm (Highly Suggested)

  6. Oil (Please make sure your firearm is oiled)

  7. Hat (Optional but not required)

  8. Towel

  9. Water

  10. Firearm Range Bag or something to carry your firearm in. (NOT A PLASTIC GROCERY BAG)

  11. Multitool (Optional but not required)

  12. Drivers License

  13. Course Fees

dont be afraid to fail. fail here, make your mistakes here because out there, its too late

show me a gunslinger who hasnt made his fair share of mistakes in the middle of a gunfight. and ill show a gunslinger that's still alive. embrace them and learn from what your'e doing wrong

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