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What is the purpose of your LTC?

Its a Mindset

We will first teach you in the classroom, then we will demostrate on the range, from there the student becomes the instructor and teaches us. In time you will learn to create your own training mindset, one that you may pass onto others.

Our Services

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Texas LTC Training

This is a 4-hour training course regardless if its online or in person, as required by state law (4 hours does not include time on the range or any breaks we take.  It will be between 5 and 6 hours total). This course does NOT teach you how to shoot.

Individual Protection

 Whether you're interested in self defense for women, advanced combat training, or non-lethal self defense techniques, GLTC has a course to help you stay alert, alive an in the fight until help arrives.


​The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Home Defense Course is a 2.5 hour course.  Prior firearms experience if preferable, but not required.  This course covers much of the same fundamentals that are taught in the USCCA Basic Handgun Course, plus:

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Want to become a Texas LTC instructor?. Texas is a gun friendly State and with a huge population of over 28 million, there will always be a steady flow of students. An individual must attend a 3 day course at the DSP Academy, and path the written and shoot proficiency portions of the course. Prior to this, an individual must attend an accredited Firearms Instructors Course. Please inquire about the USCCA CFI Course if you plan on becoming a LTC Instructor.


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Additional Curriculums

These courses will help you develop the additional knowledge, skills, and mindset... to design and run your own courses of fire, and properly document firearms training.


Do you have Firearms Legal Protection?

If not, ask me how you are able to be covered today?

LTC Training

For Texas Private Security, please contact Guardian 7 for all your security needs and training. 


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The Fight For Your Life Begins Once You've Saved It

Lets Us Train Today For a Safer Tomorrow

We are here to help you into your training pipeline. 


Provide the information requested to receive training date info. Please include as much details as possible, ie: new shooters, neverous, scared,  how many total will you have, cost you are projecting applicable only to larger groups, training date etc.

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