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Our Introduction to Defensive Handguns Course is designed to educate the student about the handguns that are best for personal defense inside the home, and how to use them efficiently in the context of a home defense scenario. This course is designed for those new to firearms who are interested in learning specifically about using a handgun for personal defense. No firearms experience necessary. Firearm Safety Chapter 9 Texas PC Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Communicating with 911 and Dealing with a Law Enforcement Response Aftermath / New Life The core, the foundation, the fundamentals, where it all startsand the place you will remember most when life goes sides. ***1 Realty based scenario will be conducted during the course, it could be done on the group level, the individual level and or in teams. Remember, remember, remember you dont get to pick and chose they day you are to use your firearm, your attacker does. He controls your fate, he controls your destiny in that moment of time. So how do overcome, how do get to where you arent in that bubble, the space is over so ever blinding filled with butterflies and rainbows? You train until it becomes comfortable then find a new way to do it. You're not training for war merely you're training to go too war for your family and friends., if you ever had too.

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